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Kristen Beireis

I’d like to introduce you all to Kristen Beireis. She became certified with me using the Core Values Index about a year and half ago and has been incorporating it in her business, which involves helping people like us market ourselves and our business according to our Core Values! She is the Trust-Building in Marketing Expert. She specializes in helping coaches and counselors discover what to do and say in their marketing. In the process her clients end up enjoying marketing, even if it’s something they hate when they first come to her. She’s on a mission to stop the sacrifices that so many coaches make in the name of marketing–the kind of life that leads to exhaustion. With Kristen, it all starts with trusting in who you are so you can capitalize on your own uniqueness.

In a few weeks, Kristen will be starting an online group for coaches and counselors on how to ENJOY marketing. Can you imagine that? I normally couldn’t, either, but with her I’m confident that’s going to change. Would you consider joining me in this group? Click here to learn more!

Kristen has over 15 years of marketing experience online and offline. She’s a Trained Life Coach, a Certified Essential Message (TM) Facilitator, a Group Coach and Certified Core Values Index Facilitator. Kristen believes life was meant to be enjoyed — and that includes marketing.  You can find out more about her and sign up for her “Coaches Guide to Easier Marketing” here.