How Caring For Aging Parents Can Affect Your Relationship

As you may or may not know, my father-in-law, Eric’s father, recently passed away. There was a long period of our life that was dedicated to his care; in fact, as time went on, more and more of our time was centered around taking care of him. We’re very thankful we had this opportunity to care for Read more about How Caring For Aging Parents Can Affect Your Relationship[…]

Preparing Your Relationship For Children

Every couple is different. For some of us, the first year of marriage is awesome — for some of us, it’s incredibly stressful. Some couples adjust to children quickly and easily, but the majority of us have a much more difficult transition. For every new experience, of course, there’s a honeymoon — when everything seems like a dream, because it’s new Read more about Preparing Your Relationship For Children[…]

This Mother’s Day, We Stand With You.

This Mother’s Day, if you are overjoyed to be surrounded by your little ones, we celebrate with you.  If your relationship is complicated or painful, we ache with you. If it is new and exciting, we congratulate you. If you are grieving a passing too soon, we mourn with you.  If you are praying for Read more about This Mother’s Day, We Stand With You.[…]

How to Avoid The Toxic Cycle of Thought!

I did not want to bother with the resolution this year. Instead, I am taking time to focus and tune into what I want 2016 to be about. I want it to be about change…BIG change! And so far, so good, because this week…Eric and I start our doctoral work. YES! No resolution…just a doctorate. Read more about How to Avoid The Toxic Cycle of Thought![…]

The Many Ways We Connect

The Many Ways We Attach and Why its So Important I’ve been thinking a lot about attachment lately. Perhaps it is because I am working with a master educator/counselor who is an expert on attachment. In my last post I promised I would tell you about the book I was reading: The Neurobiology of We Read more about The Many Ways We Connect[…]

Brush off the Dust and Keep Running!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a toxic thought cycle? I know that often, when I make a mistake, I find myself overwhelmed with shame and guilt–I spend more time beating myself up about it than trying to actually recover. It becomes a vicious cycle repeating itself. But what if that toxic cycle lost Read more about Brush off the Dust and Keep Running![…]

From Struggles to Strengths

Today my son James graduates from Oregon State University. It will be an exciting day, made especially so because the First Lady, Michelle Obama, will be speaking. Although I’m thrilled to have the chance to hear her in person, it doesn’t come close to the joy arising in me as I think of all the Read more about From Struggles to Strengths[…]