Income Is A Joint Effort

Finances is one of the trickiest topics, especially for married couples. It’s one of the most common points of tension and arguments, and can cause everything from jealousy, to entitlement, to general stress. But it can also be the cause of a lot of pressure, as one or both partners increasingly feel the need to Read more about Income Is A Joint Effort[…]

Making Marketing FUN!

I’d like to introduce you all to Kristen Beireis. She became certified with me using the Core Values Index about a year and half ago and has been incorporating it in her business, which involves helping people like us market ourselves and our business according to our Core Values! She is the Trust-Building in Marketing Read more about Making Marketing FUN![…]

The Issue of Money

Money and Stress can go hand in hand. What we do with our finances speaks to what we value in life, what we have been taught about handling money and how we communicate/work with our spouse on financial issues. Many times we just have unshared expectations about how money should be used; or maybe we Read more about The Issue of Money[…]