Preparing For The Holidays: Settle For MORE

“There is more in us than we know if we could be made to see it; perhaps, for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.” – Kurt Hahn We’re often told that we should be willing to settle for less at the holidays: less business, less consumerism, less money spent, less Read more about Preparing For The Holidays: Settle For MORE[…]

Letting Fall Colors Go

The colors of fall are so gorgeous, aren’t they? Plus, I always find, they bring a good reminder to let go of the old — to celebrate what was, while at the same time moving on, and allowing for space in your relationships for new things. Our relationships are ever evolving, and sometimes that means letting go Read more about Letting Fall Colors Go[…]

This September, Hit The “Refresh” Button

Well, the kids are all back to school, and I’m reminded of what a spirit of new beginnings fall brings. We’re all refreshed after the summer, and there’s a certain comfort in coming back together — getting back into a structure and routine. It might be a good time to evaluate: What structures would you like to Read more about This September, Hit The “Refresh” Button[…]

A Multi-generational Vacation

Our family’s planning on a multi-generational trip this summer! We’re going with our kids and grandkids on a long road trip, and multiple generations means multiple sets of needs, desires, and expectations, so it involves a LOT of planning. The first step is to really know what everyone wants out of  the trip. Make sure that’s expressed Read more about A Multi-generational Vacation[…]

How Caring For Aging Parents Can Affect Your Relationship

As you may or may not know, my father-in-law, Eric’s father, recently passed away. There was a long period of our life that was dedicated to his care; in fact, as time went on, more and more of our time was centered around taking care of him. We’re very thankful we had this opportunity to care for Read more about How Caring For Aging Parents Can Affect Your Relationship[…]

Preparing Your Relationship For A Medical Crisis

If you, your partner or child, a parent or other immediate family member, becomes diagnosed with a long-term illness, gets severely injured, or faces some other medical crisis, it will obviously affect your relationship. We know this, and yet we don’t like to spend much time planning for that possibility. The thing is: Life is long. If you’re with Read more about Preparing Your Relationship For A Medical Crisis[…]

Preparing Your Relationship For Children

Every couple is different. For some of us, the first year of marriage is awesome — for some of us, it’s incredibly stressful. Some couples adjust to children quickly and easily, but the majority of us have a much more difficult transition. For every new experience, of course, there’s a honeymoon — when everything seems like a dream, because it’s new Read more about Preparing Your Relationship For Children[…]

the quiet of the season

The Quietest Day Of The Year

Today is the quietest day of the year. Okay, well, that’s not scientifically proven or anything, but it’s my own personal theory. The presents are opened, the dinners are past, many people are still off work — but there’s not much left to plan for. Everyone’s in a quiet stupor as they recover from the whirlwind Read more about The Quietest Day Of The Year[…]