For Couples Who Are Doing “Fine”

Core Values Couples had a big ‘first’ recently. Two weekends ago, we had our latest couples’ retreat, known fondly as Enticing Intimacy. Two cozy nights the Dreamgiver’s Inn in Newberg, Oregon, with a group of couples all ready to grow their relationship to newer and deeper levels. What’s so special about that? We’ve led countless retreats Read more about For Couples Who Are Doing “Fine”[…]

How to Talk About Polarizing Topics with Your Partner

Sometimes, when we are incredibly passionate about a particular topic, it feels like life or death if our partner doesn’t agree. How can we have a positive interaction with a loved one when we disagree so firmly on an important issue? The greatest and most important challenge here is separating the topic from the person you’re talking to. It’s easy Read more about How to Talk About Polarizing Topics with Your Partner[…]

When Your Partner Gets A New Job

The holidays and the new year bring lots of chances for reflection — and lots of opportunities for change. One of the biggest changes we experience? A job change. And facing one during this time of year can be tough. If you or your partner started a new job this year, the new rhythm can seriously throw your whole routine Read more about When Your Partner Gets A New Job[…]

We’ve Got A Getaway For You

Just a little reminder that our visioneering retreat is THIS weekend, at the gorgeous Dreamgiver’s Inn in Newberg, Oregon. The conference is Friday evening, November 9th, through Sunday morning, November 11th. Hor d’oeuvres, breakfasts, and lunch will be provided.We still have a few seats available — and would love for you to join us! If cost is an issue, please Read more about We’ve Got A Getaway For You[…]

Visioneering Could Save Your Relationship

Have you and your significant other ever come up against a decision that was nearly impossible to agree on — because you each have differing views of what your future could look like? This happens to almost every couple at least once in their relationship; sometimes it’s a frequent occurrence. That’s why we designed our Visioneering retreat — to help Read more about Visioneering Could Save Your Relationship[…]

What is Visioneering?

We’ve got a powerful visioneering workshop coming up on Sept. 28th! Won’t you join us? What’s visioneering? Think about it this way: Would you launch a business without a vision?  What happens when you lose your vision? What do you do when things change in your life or your relationships and that vision has to change or be Read more about What is Visioneering?[…]

How To Speak Your Partner’s Language

I was working with a couple recently, and they were getting stuck on an issue that plagues a lot of us. One partner, let’s call her Lily, was much less interested in romance than her husband (let’s call him Rich). Rich wanted to go on dates with his wife, get out of the house, go out to Read more about How To Speak Your Partner’s Language[…]

A Different Kind Of Valentine’s Day

Reposted from our newsletter, February 8th — subscribe here! Every Valentine’s Day, we all tend to do the same sort of thing. Something romantic. And of course, romance is essential for a healthy relationships. Which is why we’re suggesting something different. Sometimes the best way to build romance in your own relationship is help others find space for Read more about A Different Kind Of Valentine’s Day[…]


What Goals Are You Setting Together?

There are plenty of books and blogs out there entirely focused on setting (and accomplishing) goals. These are an excellent resource, and setting goals for your own personal growth or your career are OF COURSE important! I’d even say essential, to be honest — if you’re not setting goals, what are you working towards? What’s Read more about What Goals Are You Setting Together?[…]

Schedule Rest

Please Take An Actual Break

For those of us with kiddos, winter vacation has happily begun! Many out there will get at least a few days off of work for this season, and while you’re at it, I must implore you: Please take an actual break. Too often I see my clients taking ‘breaks,’ wherein they’re bringing work home and Read more about Please Take An Actual Break[…]