Neurofeedback May Be The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

With so many great new technologies on the forefront of medicine, booking an appointment with a new mode of therapy can seem daunting. One such new technology is neurofeedback, or the process of using computer assisted imaging and specialized exercises to change the way your brain functions. While new techniques are always overwhelming, this one is worth taking[…]

Visioneering Could Save Your Relationship

Have you and your significant other ever come up against a decision that was nearly impossible to agree on — because you each have differing views of what your future could look like? This happens to almost every couple at least once in their relationship; sometimes it’s a frequent occurrence. That’s why we designed our Visioneering retreat — to help[…]

What is Visioneering?

We’ve got a powerful visioneering workshop coming up on Sept. 28th! Won’t you join us? What’s visioneering? Think about it this way: Would you launch a business without a vision?  What happens when you lose your vision? What do you do when things change in your life or your relationships and that vision has to change or be[…]