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It’s that time of year again…summer has officially slipped away to leave room for golden leaves, crisp mornings, and pumpkin spice everything. Autumn is upon us, and personally, I am thrilled. There’s something so magical about watching the seasons change, and this particular change has, for me, the most magic — the golden shimmer that drapes over the world as Fall approaches is truly unique in its beauty. As we watch that change happen, it strikes me that using this time to make a change for ourselves can give us a bit more momentum than we might otherwise find.

The key to making changes is not to try to do too much at once. We all have limits to the amount we can change, and if we try for too much it can backfire: we’ll get nothing done whatsoever. But as you see the leaves changing outside your window, consider just one change you might make. What daily habit do you want to adjust that could help your life be better than it is now?

Recently, Eric and I decided to stop watching TV in bed every night. One single, small habit — and a serious habit it was, a practice we’d been following daily — and we’ve decided to change it. Instead of TV in bed, we might read, give each other a massage, talk about our day, or simply go to sleep earlier. Although it’s only one minor change, the difference has been monumental. We get better sleep. We find we have better communication. And overall, we actually have found our relationship is better overall.

Changing one habit at a time, instead of trying to change it all at once, can be a game-changer. Follow the seasons and make a change this week. What one habit can you change or add to your life — and how might the ripple effects of that change improve your life?