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When was the last time you actually tried something new — something that pushed you out of your comfort zone? That stretched your courage? My friend and counseling colleague, Heather Harrison, recently told me that she and her daughter went skydiving on a Saturday whim. They literally thought of the idea at 10 AM, and were jumping out of a plane a few hours later! I told her that’s the best way to do something new that seems frightening: just do it!

Our brains need novelty to grow. They crave it! When we do new things, be it artwork, meeting someone new, learning a new skill like dancing, or jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, we fire new neurons and make new connections in our brain. Our brain actually grows, becomes less rigid and/or chaotic, and becomes more flexible! August is a time to try something out of your comfort zone, out of your rhythm or routine. I’m going zip lining in Costa Rica, riding horses in Sisters, and taking a salsa dance class. What are you going to do?