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the quiet of the seasonToday is the quietest day of the year. Okay, well, that’s not scientifically proven or anything, but it’s my own personal theory. The presents are opened, the dinners are past, many people are still off work — but there’s not much left to plan for. Everyone’s in a quiet stupor as they recover from the whirlwind of Christmas morning, and no one quite has the energy to start thinking about the new year. Not yet, anyway.

It is a day of stillness. Of quiet. Of deep sighs. Your sighs might be brimming with contentment and warmth — or they might be sighs of grief. The holidays, after all, can be some of the most difficult times of the year for many of us. However you’re feeling, chances are you’re experiencing this stillness nonetheless.

What will you do with this quiet? With this heartbeat of a day, plunked down in the middle of the season? Will you take some time for self-care? Will you kiss a word of affirmation or appreciation to your partner for their support in this busy time? Will you snuggle with your children, send a text of love to your best friend, or take a walk in the frost just for your own breath of joy?

Today is a quiet day, and a Silent Night. Use this whisper of a day to rest, to rejuvenate, to restore. Use this day for love.