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The colors of fall are so gorgeous, aren’t they? Plus, I always find, they bring a good reminder to let go of the old — to celebrate what was, while at the same time moving on, and allowing for space in your relationships for new things. Our relationships are ever evolving, and sometimes that means letting go of old habits. Those old habits need to die to make room for new habits — just like the leaves on a tree.

For Eric and I, binging on Netflix in the evening is one of those old habits. It served its purpose for a very difficult time in our life. But, in order for our relationship to move forward, we’re realizing that we need to let that go, and build new habits of better sleep, turning off electronics, and more. Even though that’s hard, and I tend to think of it as the ‘golden times’ where we got to mindlessly watch television, it’s got to go to the past. It’s got to end so we can be truly healthy. 

It’s hard. It’s like a little death. But we need to embrace something new and different, something that’s more life-giving — like reading, or intimacy before bed, or just naturally falling asleep earlier. But old habits need to die for the new habit to emerge. That’s how we make way for spring!