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Goodbye’s are so hard, especially when mixed with regrets. This weekend we said goodbye to our son and his wife for a year. They are moving to Kuwait. It was hard to say goodbye, even though I know there are going to be blessings and lessons galore for them to glean from this experience. It is always hard to be the ones left behind. It is especially hard, when you have regrets about how you spent the last few weeks with them. My son and I had a precious (and honest) time together the day before they left. I realized through the conversation that in my busyness of taking care of all kinds of details (including throwing them a party) I had neglected to take time to just BE WITH them.  I am thankful that my family is loving and forgiving. They love me unconditionally even though sometimes I forget they would really rather go on a walk than have a huge party thrown in their honor, or just go for coffee instead of watching me buzz around like a crazy women getting ready for said party. So they left yesterday and I am left feeling like I want one more coffee at the breakfast counter, one last dinner together, one last walk to the park. I want to remember to cherish each moment and not squander the time muddled up in the mundane. I want to remember to take time with those I love, because otherwise the time just slips away. I don’t want to be awash with regret. I want to have loved them well.

Let your loved ones know if you need more of their time, if you don’t speak, they won’t know. I wish my son would have spoken up sooner, hopefully I will remember this lesson next summer when we are together again! I need a “do over!” Until then, I hope to practice being present and intentional with my friends and loved ones…I give you permission to ask for more of me!