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Easter is still a couple weeks off, but this new burst of spring is already well under way. It reminds me that this is really what Easter is all about: new beginnings! Whether you’re celebrating a faith-based Easter holiday with a focus on resurrection, or just enjoying an easter-egg hunt and a good dinner with your family, the surprise, delight, and joy of something fresh and new is a theme throughout any Easter celebration. It’s about new life, new beginnings, and new hope. So why not use the moment to consider how you and your partner could start something new?

Is there a new beginning you want personally to pursue, perhaps? Some new goal, a fresh start, moving on from something holding you back? Or maybe there’s something new relationally you’d like to try. What new activity can you start together, what aspect of your relationship can you revive? Trying something new together can be a wonderful way to invigorate a relationship, especially if you’re feeling like you’re getting stuck in a rut of repetitive habits. Mix it up! Spring is in full swing, and Easter reminds us what that means: Rebirth. Why not join that momentum together?

Photo by PAÏMA BEAUTE on Unsplash