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Life is busy. We often put everyone and everything — kids, jobs, parents, sports, community activities and obligations — before our relationship with our partner! 

One couple who came to our last offering of The Art and Science of Love shared that their busy life — with four kids, home schooling, and church activities — had zapped their energy for each other. 

Over the course of The Art and Science of Love, they learned about rituals of connection that they said helped to reframe their perspective of how they move through time together. They identified simple daily rituals that they had previously taken for granted. Then, they took those daily rituals and turned them into intentional moments. And these intentional moments have revitalized their relationship. 

Now, their favorite ritual is a daily twenty-minute reconnection conversation. (The Gottmans call this the “stress-reducing conversation.”) They say that sharing the outside stressors of their world has been life-giving. They support each other by listening deeply, validating one another, and sometimes problem solving. They now make this time a top priority and report that it has been a game changer in their relationship.

What rituals do you and your partner have? What helps to keep your relationship focused and moving in the direction you both want to go? 

Not sure? Let us help you decide and establish meaningful moments that help sustain your relationship through the busyness of life!   

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