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As Marriage & Family Therapists, we work with a lot of blended families. Often, we notice there is a lot of support out there for the moms in these situations — step moms and moms in stepfamilies. But rarely is there valuable resources to support step fathers. Which is why we’re so excited to share this with you today.

Gil & Brenda Stuart are a wonderful husband & wife coach/counseling team, and they’re releasing a video course specifically to support dads in step families. It’s called “Unsung Heroes: Encouragement for Dads in a Stepfamily” and for a short time it’s available at a 20% discount. Below, see the course overview, and make sure you head over to the site to get started — or forward this email to a step dad you know who might be interested!

“Do you feel disrespected by stepkids? On the receiving end of frustrations from your wife over loyalty to your own kids? Not sure how to manage emotional outbursts in your stepfamily?

If so, Unsung Heroes is for you. An eight episode series intended to encourage dads in a stepfamily, Unsung Heroes is has practical solutions shared by Gil Stuart, a veteran stepdad, who is still learning yet willing to share his experience. In addition, a panel of stepdads were interviewed to provide a wider perspective.”

Head over to the Step Family Network to check out this incredible resource!