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Guess what? Starting in June, I’m going to be doing two different Equine Assisted Therapy Groups. One group will focus on addiction recovery, and the other on healing from anxiety/depression. If you would like support in either of those areas, I would love for you to consider signing up. Equine Assisted Therapy is a fascinating, growing field that studies show can have profound impact on our healing and recovery. This is a group process working with horses — yes, horses — to learn and intuit more about ourselves and overcome internal obstacles.

Often, it can be awkward to connect with random people in a group, especially a group of people you don’t know — and especially with such vulnerable topics. But in the arena, with the horses as the main attraction, ice breaks a lot more quickly. People get to know each other through the horses, and time and time again I see clients leaving astounded at the progress they’ve made. It’s like fast-forwarding normal talk therapy — it’s so much easier for everyone to get to the meat of the issue, whatever that may be, and actually process through healing. Honestly, the progress I’ve seen is incredible!

In this type of therapy, everything is processed through the horses. Horses have particularly strong mirror neurons that mirror our emotions and help us process difficult issues and negative thought habits — all through activities we do with the horses. Keep in mind, we never ride the horses; all of the work we do is on the ground. This is because if we are on the horse, riding, we have command — they are subservient. But if we’re on the ground with them, we become part of their herd: there, they protect us, reflect us, and connect with us.

We’re offering both of these groups at the discounted rate of $30 per session — we want it to be available to anyone and anyone who might be curious. Each group will last four weeks on Saturday mornings; the first will begin in June, and the second in August. If you’re interested in joining one of these unique healing groups this summer, please respond to this email soon, as spots will fill up quickly.

I can’t wait to meet you at the barn!