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So often we talk about self care, and the boundaries we need to set for ourselves. And don’t get me wrong — those are important things to discuss and should be a top priority in your life. But what about encouraging that kind of behavior for your partner? Part of being a loving partner is caring about the self-care — really, the soul care — of your beloved. This doesn’t mean in any way that you should be nagging them; please don’t read this as me recommending you should criticize them for not going to the gym. That’s missing the point entirely, and such behavior can turn sour real quick. What I mean is how important it is to adopt more of a generous spirit with your partner; help them build the boundaries they need for self care. Don’t be selfish with your time; encourage them to take time to nurture themselves, and where you can, provide that space for them — even if it means a little less time with you. When you give them time and space to nurture their soul, that ROI is incredibly for your relationship.

Sometimes people need encouragement or permission to take time away from the house, the family, responsibilities — to just take care of themselves. And when you encourage your partner to do this, you get a double benefit: They’re going to take care of themselves, but they’re also going to remember that YOU encouraged them to do so. Now they are refreshed and ready to love you all the more!

How can you help your partner take care of themselves today?