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Your relationship house

The Gottmans use a picture of a house to symbolize different aspects of your relationship with your significant other. The very top of that house? Creating shared meaning and making each of your life-long dreams come true!  

Couples who invest in each other’s dreams have been proven to be masters of relationships. What does that mean? Be intentional about giving your spouse the opportunity to pursue their dreams. More than that: tap into those dreams together. Partner in dreams. Don’t just allow them to take those risks; actively pursue it all with them! Show them you’re 100% on their team. Wouldn’t you want the same from them?

Make those dreams your dreams. So many couples just get busy with life; things happen, years pass, resentments build. They don’t think about their own individual dreams, and they certainly don’t think about their united dreams. But that’s a dangerous path to fall down; how quickly a relationship can become toxic if your partner doesn’t demonstrate enthusiasm for your passions! Are you listening to understand why these dreams matter to them? Are you their biggest champion? Do you have dreams and goals you’re pursuing together?

Our upcoming workshop is all about building a vision, together, for your future. Give it a try.