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Have you and your significant other ever come up against a decision that was nearly impossible to agree on — because you each have differing views of what your future could look like? 

This happens to almost every couple at least once in their relationship; sometimes it’s a frequent occurrence. That’s why we designed our Visioneering retreat — to help couples dream and build a future together that they can BOTH be excited about.

In this retreat, we cover how to build a vision in your relationship together, how to communicate about your differences in a way that is honoring to both of you, and planning more specifically for the future — so you can know your direction together. We will give in-depth discussions about the Core Values Index, and how you and your partner’s core values relate to your ongoing success and strategies for overcoming conflict.

The conference is Friday evening, November 9th, through Sunday morning, November 11th, at the Dreamgiver’s Inn bed and breakfast in Newberg Oregon. Hor d’oeuvres, breakfasts, and lunch will be provided (we save dinner for a couple’s outing).

A shared vision is more than just a fuzzy dream — it can quite literally be a lifeline of clarity when times are hard. 

Join us at the gorgeous Dreamgiver’s Inn and let us help you build some beautiful (and relationship-saving) dreams.