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When was the last time you made time for FUN with your partner?

As therapists and leaders of couples’ workshops, we will be the first to tell you that great relationships take work. They do! That’s part and parcel of a long-term commitment. But great relationships also need high doses of fun, adventure, and joy — just as much as they need work. You know the saying about all work and no play — well, it’s true. A dull relationship is an unhealthy relationship. 

The great thing is, the ‘fun’ part is a lot easier to add in quickly. Work takes, well, work. But play? You can throw that in anywhere, anytime. Yes, you do have to make time for it — so don’t make the mistake of undervaluing your joy. Make room in your schedule. And once you do? Pick something fun to do together. Don’t pick something productive — don’t pick something that will serve any other purpose but actual fun and togetherness. Try a dance class at the local Dancing In The Rain. Go to an author event at Powell’s Bookstore. Play a board game. Go play with puppies at the Humane Society. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be ‘important’ or ‘informative’ — the point should be the togetherness, not what you’re ‘achieving.’ 

Do something fun with your partner today! Those moments and memories are what build the foundation of a strong relationship — they’re what give you the energy to put in the work. Your partner is a dear, dear friend; make sure you treat them like your bestie, and do something joyful together just for the sake of joy.

Let us know how it goes!