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This might be awkward, but… is there someone in your life who could use a little relationship help? Maybe a best friend and their spouse. Or your sibling. Or even your parents (yes, even the “older and wiser” among us can still benefit from a little relationship reboot!). If so, The Art and Science of Love might be the perfect gift this holiday season.


I know, I know. This might seem like the equivalent of giving your loved one a gym membership for Christmas, but it’s so much better than that! Stick with me, and I’ll explain why.


According to the Gottman Institute, more than 1,500 couples complete The Art and Science of Love workshop every year. And based on their latest research, we know that even if a couple attends just the first day of The Art and Science of Love, their relationship can benefit immensely. 


In fact, the research shows that the best single-day results come from couples who only attend the first day (focused on building friendship) rather than the second day (focused on managing conflict). The Art and Science of Love is such a wonderful gift to rediscover and rekindle that friendship


That finding may seem surprising to you, but what a lot of us don’t realize is that friendship with our partner matters just as much as conflict management skills. Sometimes, friendship gets left in the dust, and all we have is conflict. By putting an emphasis on first tending to and strengthening your friendship as a couple, you set yourself up to achieve what the second day of The Art and Science of Love focuses on: building a vision for your relationship, finding shared meaning, and managing conflict.


The Art and Science of Love is a wonderful gift for all sorts of couples in your life: 

  • A couple you love that may be struggling a little
  • A newly committed couple working on establishing a strong foundation for their relationship
  • A couple trying to decide whether to commit
  • A newly engaged couple (give them a start that will benefit their relationship for a lifetime!) 


The Art and Science of Love is just as valuable for young couples as it is for couples who’ve been together for decades. And really, making this sort of investment early on in your relationship should be a priority, but it rarely is. Consider this: Some couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding, but few spend any money at all investing in their marriage. 


I know of quite a few folks who have gifted The Art and Science of Love to their parents. Understandably, some of those parents came to The Art and Science of Love with a lot of skepticism. But they left with rave reviews about how, as a couple, it was the most important weekend they’d had in a long time. 


Of her experience at The Art and Science of Love, Core Values Counseling client, Beth, says, “The Art of the Science of Love presented by Sabrina Walters delivered on all that I had wished it would be. I learned new approaches to working on conflict in my marriage and learning my spouse at a deeper level by working through the conflict. Sabrina’s presentation was down to earth and easily understood. I could tell she really cared about the subject matter and more importantly, the people who needed it. I had a wonderful time learning hard stuff. That’s the biggest praise I can give.”


Here are a few more reviews, courtesy of the Gottmans:

“I had put my marriage on cruise control. I had gotten lost and didn’t stop to ask for directions along the way. I thought I could work it out for myself. How different my married life would have been if I could have gone to a workshop like this 20 years ago!”

– Anonymous evaluation from Chicago, IL


“When our daughter decides to get married, our wedding gift to her and her chosen will be a week-end at one of the Gottman’s couples workshops. I can think of no better way to give a couple a good send-off on their marriage.”

– Anonymous evaluation from Cedar Rapids, IA


“Excellent! Very practical and immediately useful. We would like to send our entire family to your seminars.”

– Anonymous evaluation from Seattle, WA


Let us guide your loved ones (or you!) into deeper friendship, dreams for the future, shared meaning, and strategies to manage conflict as a couple. Give the gift of The Art and Science of Love today