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halloween romance

Today is that most infamous of days, a holiday that people always seem to have a strong opinion about. Whether you can’t get enough of costuming and candy, or you’re the type that would rather skip this holiday all together, I think it presents a unique opportunity.

Most holidays come with inherent romance. Obviously, there’s Valentine’s day; plus, the exchange of gifts at Christmas makes for a magical connection between you and your beloved; there’s Independence Day, with it’s picnics and swimming holes and barbecues, perfectly designed to orchestrate and delight young love; and sharing a meal over Thanksgiving connects you to your spouse’s family in new and (hopefully) lovely ways — but Halloween? As a holiday that’s mostly catered to kiddos, there’s not normally a lot of romance. But maybe it’s time to change that.

How can you make Halloween a romantic event for your partner? Of course, there’s always the opportunity for a very special costume ;). But you can get more creative than that! What traditions can you establish this year to mark this holiday as special, romantic, and memorable for your love? Can you plan a ‘trick’ for them — a surprise they’re not expecting, a spontaneous date or a treasure hunt? How about a treat? What unique gift can you spring on them today that they’ll never see coming?

Halloween is about mischief, playfulness, tricks and treats — so bring some of that coy playfulness to your relationship. Every holiday is an opportunity to show or tell you partner how much they mean to you; even if this one normally slides by without being noticed, maybe try something new this time — and see what memories you create.