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Our Ministry Retreat

This last week, we were honored to host a retreat for three pastors and their partners at the Dreamgiver’s Inn in Newberg, Oregon. We know all too well how, when you’re in a profession of serving others, often you just really need someone to stop and serve you. That’s why we do this retreat when we can — to serve those in ministry who are serving others. Serving together in ministry can be a beautiful blessing, but it can often cause undue stress on personal relationships, because of the time-consuming nature of the work. We host the getaway, and go through our Enticing Love workshop, to help the couples reconnect, rest, and rejuvenate together.

This last week, we had three couples: One who had been married nine years, one who had been married nineteen years, and one who had been married forty-two years! It was beautiful to see them each minister to each other, even in the midst of a retreat — and it was a real delight to get to know each person who attended. If that was you, thank you for sharing your time with us, and thank you for all you do.

If you know a couple in ministry who could use a getaway, we hope you’ll let us know. Just send us their names, contact info, and why you’d love to see them blessed this way — and we’ll make sure to keep them in mind the next time we put this together! (P.S. If that couple is YOU, don’t hesitate to reach out!)