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Autumnal Romance

When it comes to the seasons, I think Spring tends to get most of the credit for being romantic. All those budding flowers and fresh new days of sunshine; everyone’s thinking about first dates. But Autumn, I have to say, deserves a little credit, too! This season can be wonderfully romantic — and that’s what I want to reflect on today. Building romance in your relationship means taking inspiration from wherever (and whenever) you are, so let’s remember: Fall can truly be a season full of romance. How, you ask? Here’s a few examples:

  1. Walking hand-in-hand past trees shimmering with golds and reds as the leaves change.

  2. Warm drinks together by a fire as the frost or rain traces the window panes. 

  3. Cuddle up to watch scary movies before Halloween (or fall-based romances if ‘scary’ isn’t your thing!)

  4. Baking scones, cookies, or pies together while the oven warms your home.

  5. Starting a new book together and reading it every evening.

  6. Dressing up in a couples’ costume for Halloween!

  7. Go to an orchard together.

  8. Make apple cider. 

  9. Get lost together in a hay maze.

  10. Get bundled up and go to the mountains for a day. Bring a thermos!

What about you? What are your favorite romantic moments for fall?