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Do you need alone time as part of your own self-care? Sometimes, when we’re in a long-term relationship, asking for alone time can feel strange. You love your partner, and you love being together, but sometimes one of you just needs more alone time than the other. Depending on your CVI score and personality type, we all have different needs for that sort of thing. Unfortunately, often it’s an overlooked need — especially in relationships that are struggling. But giving each other “permission” to spend time alone, encouraging the other person to take care of themselves, even when it feels like you need more time with them, might be the greatest gift you can give to your relationship.

Each individual has to fill up their own tank with self-care, as well as personal and spiritual growth, in order to pour into the relationship — and into the other person (read: into YOU). Oftentimes couples think they have to do everythingtogether, or they think something’s wrong. But that’s simply not true. Think of what a gift it might be to give your partner time away from kids, time with their friends, time for them to have quiet in their own space — whatever their preference — rather than demanding that you have time with them. If you sense that’s what your partner needs, share it with them. It’s a selfless, loving act of compassion, and you will likely find your relationships is buoyed because of it.