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We’ve got a powerful visioneering workshop coming up on Sept. 28th! Won’t you join us?

What’s visioneering? Think about it this way: Would you launch a business without a vision? 

What happens when you lose your vision? What do you do when things change in your life or your relationships and that vision has to change or be updated? 

Our retreat gives you an opportunity to answer those questions, to come back to the drawing board with your partner, and create a true vision. We leave room for brainstorming together to re-calibrate your life, and Eric and I are there to help you navigate towards the best future possible.

You’ve got to shift and change no matter where you are in your relationship. Having a vision is what sets you in the right direction, and the ability to adjust it is what keeps you going.

Sign up for our workshop today and claim your spot — at the Dreamgiver’s Inn!