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twinhorsesAs we enter into spring and summer there is no better time to try the amazing effects of Equine Assisted therapy! We just had THREE new baby horses born. These two came to us as a surprise! Rose rescued the mama about a month ago and didn’t know she was pregnant! When she discovered it, she didn’t know she was having twins. That was revealed when they both popped out together! We also have two new mini horses and one of them just had a baby as well.

When you come to the barn for Therapy, you have the opportunity to spend time with all the animals. The goats, chickens, bunnies and the myriad of other creatures who have found a safe haven at the farm. But most importantly, you find a safe haven in the barn among the horses who help you untangle your emotions, solve difficult problems or just get back in touch with yourself. I love going to the barn because the mode of therapy is so much different than sitting in an office. I love how the horses guide us to a better place. Please take the summer to explore this amazing form of therapy. You won’t be disappointed!