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impactThis quarter in our classes, Eric and I are studying Personal Assessment. Specifically,we’re examining the cultural impact we hope to have with our lives and work. I couldn’t help but think about the difference Core Values makes in our world! Many people know the CVI has been around for decades in the business world, helping to develop strong organizations where employees thrive, but how many people really take time to understand the impact of Core Values on their personal relationships?

I certainly hadn’t given it the time of day until we were introduced to the Core Values Index in 2010. Ever since then, we have incorporated Core Values into every aspect of our lives. We realize it is evident in how we spend our money, what we spend our time on and even how we discuss (or fight) about what is important to us! The culture we live in is literally is all about Core Values, and once you see that it’s impossible to unsee it. Most people just don’t realize that’s what they’re doing!

The key to being a change agent in our culture (whether it is in our most intimate relationship or the culture we live in at large) is being mindful and living out our core values in every area of our life…ON PURPOSE! When you do that with intention, your life can have such a greater impact than if you just ease on by!

How are you impacting your culture? How are you impacting the person you wake up to each morning? The barista who gives you your morning latte? The people you work with? You have a unique opportunity to make true impact through living out your personal Core Value Self! So will you?

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