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intuitive personality types

Oh, the intuitives of the world. The intuitives are based in power and faith. Because of that, they have the power to get things done effortlessly; they somehow just know what they need to do. They also have the ability to read people, and intuitively know what those people want, think, or need. The downside here is that these are very strong personalities; they can intimidate and manipulate quite easily, often without even realizing what they’re doing. Really. It’s an issue for them, and for you.

IF THIS IS YOU: Keep your eyes open for people shutting down around you. Be aware of your superpowers; be aware of how you’re treating people and how you’re coming across. Try and slow down your words, actions, and reactions, and evaluate the impact you’re having. Check in with people: “How am I coming across right now? I’ve noticed you’ve shut down a little bit.” Or: “I don’t want my ideas to be the only ones here. Please, I encourage you to speak up.” Know that you can be a force to be reckoned with. That’s a good thing, really; be proud of yourself. But also remember it’s not that easy for others to contend with you, and to succeed you’ll need to be compassionate and considerate of your partner’s or colleague’s needs.

IF THIS IS YOUR LOVED ONE: You may not enjoy your loved one’s “fly by the seat of your pants” mentality — especially if you’re a cognitive or practical type. However, remember, their skills really are like a superpower. These people know what needs to be done; they know what’s going on with people; they know how to succeed — without anyone ever telling them how. It can be alarming, but just for the fun of it, try flying on their jet stream for a little. See where it can take you. Give them space to do what they want to, and support them. If it makes you feel reckless or out of control, ask them to slow down and fill in the blanks for you. Ask for what you need and speak up when they start getting too wild. But don’t be surprised if something really unexpected comes about because you trusted their intuition.

If you’re not sure where you stand on the scale — Are you more intuitive, or community-centered? How are they connected? — take ten minutes to take our free assessment: The Core Values Index.