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core values; flowers; flourishing

If you’ve taken the Core Values Index, you know that we all have a primary value and a secondary value. For example, I am primarily a Merchant, the quadrant which values Love. I am secondarily an Innovator, which values Wisdom.

Some people’s top two are pretty evenly matched; they can switch between the two of them easily. Most people, however, tend to live in that higher value (like me) — so much so that they neglect their secondary value, which can lead to problems. I know I struggle with this: as a Merchant, I am often much more focused on Love and relationships than I am on Wisdom. If I neglect that ‘Wisdom’ value for too long, however, I start to have a tough time with confrontation, communication, and speaking truth to those who need to hear it. I become so worried about making them happy, I might avoid saying something they really need to hear.

To reach our full potential and truly flourish, it’s so important to nurture both of our primary values. Practice moving into your secondary value more often; give yourself space for that in your life. They complement each other, these values, and allowing both to flourish means being your true self. 

If you’re not sure what your values are, take the free CVI here!