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You may have noticed that in these posts, we often reference something called the CVI: the Core Values Index.

The CVI is the first human assessment that measure the innate, unchanging nature in each of us. It has the highest testability of any ‘personality test’ there is — 94%. This means that if you retake the test five years after your first time, you have a staggering 94% chance of getting the same results. That’s what we mean when we say ‘unchanging.’ It’s about how you’re wired, how you were born, and it doesn’t tend to change with different life circumstances.

The results of the CVI will come in two of the four types: Merchant, Innovator, Banker, and Builder. We all have some aspects of each type, but most of us have one dominant type, and a secondary type. Each of these types are led by a “Value” that drives your goals, inspiration, work, life, play — everything. If you can understand this about yourself, so much of your personality starts to make sense. You learn how to manage stress better, how to communicate better, what builds you up or tears you down, in surprising detail.

What’s more, learning the core values of your partner can have a dramatic effect on your relationship. Do you and your partner ever have that one fight that you just don’t understand? How could they think that way? Their core values can often explain it. And if you can understand it, you can work together to come to a healthier outcome — rather that getting stuck in a repeat cycle of arguments.

Building a healthy relationship, a vision for who you want to be together, requires a deeper understanding of ourselves and our partner. That’s what the CVI provides. If you’re curious, you can watch a brief video from the creator of the assessment here — and even take the test for free. Give it a try — and let us know what you get!