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brainToday, Eric and I had the opportunity to listen to world-renowned author, speaker, researcher and therapist Dr. Daniel Seigel speak. I was thrilled; I’ve been influenced by his work since grad school and, for the last couple of years, been continually shaped by his research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology.

In his session today, Dr. Seigel reminded us that no matter how difficult your childhood, no matter what your attachment to your parent was, no matter how severe the difficulties you may currently face, there is hope for change. Scientifically, there’s always hope, because your brain can change! Your understanding and acceptance of your past and present choices causes new connections to happen. Your brain has something called neuroplasticity: the ability to grow and change throughout your life. How amazing is that? So trust yourself and don’t give up — remember you have the power to grow and to change. That’s hope for you and hope for your relationship!