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Schedule Rest

For those of us with kiddos, winter vacation has happily begun! Many out there will get at least a few days off of work for this season, and while you’re at it, I must implore you: Please take an actual break.

Too often I see my clients taking ‘breaks,’ wherein they’re bringing work home and attending to work for more than half of their ‘vacation,’ and I don’t want that for you. Rest days are essential not only for your own self care (although that is incredibly important), but also for the health of your relationships! How do you think your family feels when they see you working at home on your days off? Although they may be understanding and graceful, that doesn’t mean this is fun for them. Every time you say yes to your job, who are you saying no to? That’s right: your family. Your own self-care.

We build in vacations for a reason. If you are fortunate enough to have days off this winter season, please — use them. Take time off. Take care of yourself. Use that energy to spend some extra love on your partner. Build a home that’s full of joy and togetherness; don’t let that be robbed by the lie that you have to be working all the time. You don’t. Care for yourself and for those you love: Make sure you take time off.