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Mother’s Day approaches…

While it can be a joy to celebrate, the neglected reality is that Mother’s Day is probably one of the most emotionally charged days of the year. Everyone has a mom, but…
No one has a perfect relationship with their mom.
Some wish they could be a mom and cannot find a way to that dream.
Others didn’t plan on being a mom.
Some grieve the loss of their mom.
On top of all that, most people fill more than one role–they’re a daughter, a mother, a sister, a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, or the husband, son, or grandson of a mother.
So it’s no wonder that you might feel pulled in many different directions as this Sunday approaches! How can you honor the women who are mothers in your life and still remember to honor yourself and how you’re feeling? 
First thing’s first: slow down. It can be such a wonderful blessing to show honor to the women in your life, but if you’re overwhelmed just keep things simple. Give honor in the best way you know how. If you need to grieve, allow time in your Mother’s Day weekend for that. Try not to bottle up those emotions. Write. Think. Talk. Share. If you are a mother–do not approach the day with expectations. That can put too much pressure on you and your loved ones. Hope for the best, but be careful not to feel entitled. 
Know that you are not alone if you are not quite sure what to make of Mother’s Day. Be present and be yourself; seek the joy in this holiday and allow yourself grace if joy is difficult. That’s okay. 
If you need support or encouragement, I’m always ready to help.