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There are plenty of books and blogs out there entirely focused on setting (and accomplishing) goals. These are an excellent resource, and setting goals for your own personal growth or your career are OF COURSE important! I’d even say essential, to be honest — if you’re not setting goals, what are you working towards? What’s keeping you from stagnation?

We regularly set goals for Core Values retreats, for my counseling practice, for Eric’s life coaching — and we build our schedules around how we can move closer towards those goals.

So let me ask you this question: What goals are you setting with your partner?

Working towards a shared goal is a wonderful way to draw closer to your loved one. Perhaps you want to set a goal to have a tidier house, to get your finances in order, or to start meal planning. Maybe you want to run a half-marathon together, or train for a backpacking trip, or learn a new language. What goal do you want to achieve together? Put it on the calendar. Plan milestones into your schedule. Work together, daily or weekly, to accomplish this goal together! Working together in this way can build so much intimacy as you encourage and support each other. You’ll learn to trust your partner in deeper ways; you’ll embark on an adventure together! What’s more, you’ll succeed or fail together — and that process will strengthen your relationship in surprising and wonderful ways.

2018 is upon us. What goals will you set with your partner?