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When was the last time you and your significant other did something a little wild? A little out-there? When did you throw caution to the wind and head out on an adventure together?

Adventure can look very different to different couples. Maybe your adventure is found in mountain trails, or at the beach. Maybe it’s attending a new art class together, even though neither of you have ever so much as held a paintbrush.Maybe your adventure is a road trip across the state, or a volunteer mission to Central America. Maybe your adventure is going to a store with those clothes you’d never wear and trying them on for each other!

Whether it takes an hour of your time or a week, everyone’s adventure looks different. The key to a proper adventure is boldly going outside of your comfort zone. Doing something you wouldn’t normally do, something even risky, perhaps something you might not be completely comfortable with--whether at home or abroad, that’s an adventure. And it’s good for you! It’s healthy to feel like a fool once in a while! Taking these risks as a couple is a fantastic way to grow closer together, develop trust, develop intimacy, and simply to have fun. Taking risks together, going outside that comfort zone, helps to establish you as a team even more than you already are. 

Go on, we dare you. How will you adventure with your love today? We’ve actually got an idea for you, and if you sign up before March 20th this adventure will be significantly more affordable–just use the code “JEN”. Click before it’s too late!