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Every Valentine’s Day, we all tend to do the same sort of thing. Something romantic. And of course, romance is essential for a healthy relationships. Which is why we’re suggesting something different.

Sometimes the best way to build romance in your own relationship is help others find space for it.  This year, think of another couple — perhaps a pair who has young kids. Now, instead of going on a date yourselves next Wednesday, prepare a date for them! Start with a picnic basket and wine, or tickets to a show, even a gift certificate somewhere — then offer to stay in and watch the kids while they enjoy a night together. This kind of gift tells your friends you care about their relationship just as much as you care about your own; you’re helping them to create the kind of memory that could very well last a lifetime. 

Eric and I have done this a few times, and take it from me: it is invariably received with an all-out sigh of joy and relief. Not only that, but doing this together builds a sense of unity in your own relationship, as you work together to support your community. Serving together can draw you closer in remarkable ways! 

Bring your friends the surprise of joy. Serve alongside your spouse. And be prepared for a very memorable Valentine’s Day!