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study on happiness

Here at Core Values, we always knew relationships were important–but now there’s a 75-year study to confirm it! Happiness is a goal of almost every person on the planet, a goal many people believe can be achieved by financial freedom, prestige, fame or education–or any other of the many ways we measure ‘success.’ But a recent study from Harvard University studied a group of more than 700 young men from all walks of life — from the highly educated, wealthy men to the poorest of poor over a 75 year period of time.And this study has turned the notion of Happiness on it’s ear. As it turns out, what you always heard your grandmother say has been proven true: Money (fame, education, status…fill in the blank) doesn’t lead to happiness. Only relationships can bring that to you. Investing in your relationship is important!

Yes, this is a shameless plug for our conference coming up the end of April 29-May 1st. Happiness is truly achievable, but as it happens, investing in your relationship is the best guarantee for finding it!