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Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but this year just keeps on giving…me stress and anxiety. I have really felt it lately, especially in Oregon, where we have been contending with unprecedented fires! I’m actually getting weary of hearing that word…unprecedented. You can pretty much guarantee that word will accompany a great amount of stress in your life. So, in the spirit of this increasingly stressful time, I thought we would revisit a few blogs from anxieties past — that is, times we’ve covered anxiety and stress and tools for dealing with them. I hope this collection can be a support for any of you who might, like me, be feeling this time a bit more keenly.

Your Anxiety First Aid Kit

Earlier in the year, we laid out 7 straightforward strategies to help you manage anxiety. These tools can be useful for anyone who is feeling stressed.

Five Things Your Partner With Anxiety Wants You To Know

If you’ve noticed your partner is feeling it more than normal, this can help you connect with and support them through it.

Stepping Into Your Builder May Help With Anxiety

The Core Values can be a powerful window into your intentions and desires, but they can also help you manage your stress. Here are ways working on your inner Builder can help you with anxiety.

We can all understand the need for grace and love in this anxious time. Hopefully one of these articles can give you some new tools or insights as you move through this new normal. And remember — we’re here to support and serve you.