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Last week, we talked about practicing gratitude for your loved one by tuning your heart to appreciation. But what about when it comes to expressing that gratitude? Being able to express gratitude and appreciation is the next step in this process, and a pretty important step for your relationship! Expressing gratitude doesn’t have to be verbal, either. This is where love languages can be incredibly helpful. Use your partner’s love language to show your appreciation, even if you don’t feel like it (especially if you don’t feel like it!). You might have ‘words’ as your love language, but if your partner’s is gifts, use that. Look for ways to leave them little gifts that will truly speak their language of appreciation. If their language is touch, try and give a few extra hugs, massages, or hand-holds. Verbally expressing your love and appreciation is always important, of course, butuse your partner’s love language to really communicate on their level, and notice what a difference it makes.

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