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With so many great new technologies on the forefront of medicine, booking an appointment with a new mode of therapy can seem daunting. One such new technology is neurofeedback, or the process of using computer assisted imaging and specialized exercises to change the way your brain functions. While new techniques are always overwhelming, this one is worth taking the time to consider: it’s been shown to aid in treatment of ADHD, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, and a host of other mental health conditions. 

With just a handful of sensors, a computer is able to chart neural-activity — and reward positive activity. Basically, when your brain waves are doing the right thing, they get a reward (like a lovely, soft noise). It sounds simple, and at its core it is — but there’s a whole history of neuroscience behind it. Rewarding positive neural-activity leads to less symptoms of mental stress, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or more — based on your individual goals.

With the potential health benefits so great, and the simplicity of the process (there is no intrusive medical procedure whatsoever), such a device seemed like a great fit for my own practice. Which is why I am now hosting a student intern, a trained technician, and current trained therapists who can provide neurofeedback sessions for current and new clients. Sessions start at $100, but pricing goes down based on quantity. 

As the science grows around these new therapeutic techniques, consider trying a session. The cost is the same as a talk therapy session, and the results I’ve seen have convinced me that this is a powerful tool — if you’re looking for more results in your mental and emotional health, this might be the solution for you.